It’s time! Which of these NFL Thanksgiving host teams will win their games on Thursday? 🏈 🦃

It’s almost time for one of the year’s best traditions! The Lions and the Cowboys are always scheduled to host Thanksgiving football games, and this year the Redskins will be joining them. Which of Thursday’s host teams will win their respective NFL games?

  • The Lions will win!
  • The Cowboys will win!
  • The Redskins will win!
  • The Lions and Cowboys will win!
  • The Lions and Redskins will win!
  • The Cowboys and Redskins will win!
  • All 3 will win!
  • All 3 will lose.


Bleacher Report, Dallas Cowboys Prediction: Cowboys will lose!


The Redskins will win!

Fun Fact

The Vikings beat the Lions (30-23) and the Chargers beat the Cowboys (28-6), but the Redskins beat the Giants (20-10)! (link)

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