The Big Game Tournament!

Drumroll please…here are the final results!

The Patriots won the Big Game in overtime (the first in the Championship’s history)! 61.9% of our players were right, and beat out a couple of NFL experts!

The final score ended up being 34-28 for the Patriots! PTF Players’ median prediction was WAY closer than that of EA Sports and David Steele. In fact, a whopping 42 PTF Players got this question 100% correct!

Tom Brady broke the record for passing yards in a single game! NO ONE saw this coming, except PTF Player, Jennifer H. She predicted 462!

Lady Gaga opened her performance with a rendition of “God Bless America”, then sang one line of “Edge of Glory”…and then went into a full performance of “Poker Face”! What matters is that 8.7% of PTF Players beat USAToday’s FTW and CBS’ Will Brinson! 😉

(Click the image to see it in all its glory!) No surprise here after the Patriots’ comeback in the second half of the game! Tom Brady wins his 5th Big Game ring, and his 4th Big Game MVP Award…and 48.5% of PTF Players saw it coming! 😉

Thanks for watching & playing the Big Game with us! Come back next weekend for the Grammys Tournament!

PTF’s Big Game Prediction Tournament: It’s So Super, You’ll Be Bowled Over!

Yeah, we know…EVERYONE makes predictions on Sunday’s Big Game.

But NOBODY does it like Play The Future.

To coincide with our USA launch, the PTF Big Game Prediction Tournament captures the competitive excitement of the game with all the hype, madness and merriment that surrounds it. It’s SO big, it takes over our entire app for 24 hours!

One big day only–Sunday, Feb. 5.

10 big prizes of $50 football merch gift cards.

And 15 big questions that run the gamut of:

  • How long will Lady Gaga’s performance last?
  • Which Big Game ad will get most views on YouTube?
  • What number do you get when you add the total points with the sweater number of the MVP?
  • …and everything in between.
  • Best of all, with PTF’s live blogging element (manned by real people, no bots!), you’ll be able to follow along, get instant updates and see who’s winning in real time. Oh, not the game…the Prediction Tournament!

    Big Game Day on Play The Future.

    First Down-load it, then play it to win!

    Attachez votre casque avec de la broche : C’est le tournoi du Grand match de PTF!

    Oui, on le sait… TOUT LE MONDE fait des prédictions le dimanche du Grand match.

    Mais PERSONNE ne le fait comme Play The Future.

    Juste à temps pour le lancement de notre application aux États-Unis, le football s’empare de PTF le temps d’un tournoi qui vous fera profiter de l’ambiance compétitive du sport et de tout le plaisir et la folie qui l’entoure. Tout ça pendant 24 heures entières!

    Un jour seulement, le dimanche 5 février.

    À gagner : 10 grands prix de 50 $ en carte-cadeau pour des articles de football.

    Vous aurez à répondre à 15 questions du genre :

  • Combien de temps durera le spectacle de Lady Gaga?
  • Quelle publicité du Grand match aura la plus de vues sur YouTube?
  • Quelle sera la somme du total de points et du numéro du joueur le plus utile?
  • …et bien plus!

    Encore mieux : de vrais membres de l’équipe de PTF (pas des robots!) blogueront en direct pour vous permettre de connaître en temps réel les dernières nouvelles du tournoi et l’état du classement. C’est du sérieux!

    Alors préparez le champagne, téléchargez l’application et faites vos prédictions : vous êtes à 15 questions d’une grande victoire!

    Predicting 2017: Nothing’s For Sure…Except This

    The first few weeks of a New Year are usually marked by people predicting “what will be.”
    Forecasting today what will happen tomorrow is how we at Play The Future make our living, and we deal in unpredictability on a daily basis.

    And while we, perhaps more than anyone, understand that no outcome is ever guaranteed, we can say, irrefutably, that these things are going to happen for sure.

    To start, Play The Future makes its American debut as of Feb. 1. This massive new market has the potential to amplify our current user base exponentially, and even though we’re a relatively new start-up, we have room for everyone! Everything our soft-launch group of players know and love about us will be part of PTF USA, including the wild weekly kickoff of Million Dollar Mondays (excluding residents of Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories and Possessions).

    To tantalize this influx of players, we have increased our prizing frequency from monthly to weekly, which translates to more winners more often. And to keep the influx entertained (and to keep them influxing), we’re planning way more of our popular Prediction Tournaments. In fact, we’ve got three new ones in February alone:

    It’s super, if you get our drift 😉 On Sunday, Feb 5., you can predict everything from who will win the Big Game to how long Lady Gaga will perform at half-time. Big gift cards for big football merch are the big prizes
    A chart-topper for sure! Sunday, Feb. 12 marks the biggest night in music and the wildest predictions about it.
    Sunday, Feb. 26. It’s the most glamourous night of the year, and you can predict everything from Best Picture winner to Longest Acceptance Speech loser.
  • All this newness packed in an updated, faster and slicker version, PTF v1.3 to be precise. Part of this update is PTF’s iMessage sticker pack for iOS users; 10 eye-popping futuresque visuals for you to share and use when you trash talk and beat your friends and rivals.

    A lot of change, a lot of new…and this is merely what we know now for sure.

    But if you know us, you know we’ll predict a lot more to come in 2017 as well.
    Stay with us not just to find out what it is, but to be part of what it is!

    Why Does The Emmy Tournament Usher in a New Era at PTF?

    1) Because you can now play multiple choice
    2) Because you can get points even if you’re wrong
    3) Because we’ve made our game more fun
    4) Because you can win an expensive smart TV

    It doesn’t matter what you answered, because the correct result is “All of the above.”

    The big, big news here at PTF is that we’ve opened up our game to include a new, but very familiar, way to make predictions: Multiple Choice.

    But the PTF way is a little different (what a surprise!). Like in all other multiple choice, you have to choose the most likely correct answer; get it right on and you win maximum points. However, even if your first choice isn’t ultimately correct, you can still win points depending on where you put the actual right answer.

    It’s easy; just look at & click the screenshots below:


    Out of six PTF employees, if you believe that Marise will win a 2km flip flop footrace, put her first. If she actually does win, you get 400 points. But if Junaid wins, and you placed him in 3rd, you still take home 150 points. If Van wins, well…you’re out of luck. So order your multiple choices carefully!

    Perhaps the best part of this new PTF innovation is the user experience; use your finger to slide your choices up and down with a playful pop, and lock them into position with a satisfying click.

    Multiple Choice comes to Play The Future. We predict you’ll:

    1) Love it
    2) Enjoy it
    3) Play it
    4) Share it

    Donald Trump: The Game (Playing Him is the Best Revenge)


    Donald Trump’s Presidential run.

    To some, it’s a dream come true.

    To others, it’s a nightmare of epic proportions.

    To us (and to you, too) it’s a game. Why just follow Donald Trump’s shenanigans when you can play them for prestige and prizes?

    Play The Future is excited, albeit somewhat apprehensive, to announce that as of June 1, Donald Trump’s run for the White House will join our prestigious brand lineup on the PTF app.

    As is the case with all PTF brands, players will be able to make up-to-the-minute, pinpointed predictions every two or three days about the madness, the mayhem, the words and the actions that surround the Republican contender for the world’s most powerful office. For example:

    ● How long will Trump’s Cleveland convention acceptance speech run?
    ● What % of votes will Trump get in the next HuffPo “Donald vs. Hillary” poll?
    ● How many tweets will Trump post from over the July 4th weekend?
    ● What % of Trump’s statements will be ranked “Pants on Fire” by Politifact?
    ● How many misspellings in Trump tweets this week?
    ● How many times will Hillary mention “Trump” in her appearance on The Tonight Show?

    Yeah, we know…the possibilities are endless!

    Like all other PTF predictions, each Trump question comes with two hints and a timely result to monitor player progress. In addition, there will be a PTF Trump leaderboard, where top players every month will take home such “great again” prizes like Trump-festooned sweaters, Trump-festooned toilet paper, Trump-focused card games and Trump-wannabe orange spray tans.

    He’s been a hotel, an airline, a reality show, a wine and a steak. Now, finally, Donald Trump is a game.

    You can follow him and herald his ascent with loyal passion.

    You can jam your eyes blind shut in the hope that he will just go away.

    But no matter where you stand on the spectrum, perhaps the best way to deal with Trump is to play him. From today until he is elected or defeated.

    Donald Trump–The Game. Only on Play The Future.

    Download it now on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

    The Two Most Popular Questions (By Far!)

    Well, it’s been quite the whirlwind debut week here at Play The Future headquarters.

    On opening day, we flipped the clock by drinking champagne at 9:00 a.m. and coffee at midnight. After 18 months of planning, seeing how you guys reacted on Day One was inspiring and intoxicating, to say the least.

    Over the next 48 hours, we gleefully watched hundreds of players play thousands of predictions, as billions of their brain synapses were stretched in ways they never thought a mobile application could.

    And now, as we finish up our first weekend, we are taking some time to reflect on the flood of feedback you’ve given us. While the nature of our business is asking YOU questions, by far, the two most popular you’ve asked US are:

    “When is the next batch of questions coming?”
    “When are you coming to (insert country name here)?”

    Well, here are your answers:

    Initially, we were worried about overwhelming you with too many questions at one time, and/or at too many times of the day. So we decided on a thrice-daily drop:

    five at 4:00 a.m. to be there when you wake up
    three at 11:45 a.m. to munch on at lunchtime
    and a nightcap at 9:00 p.m. to give you something to dream about

    That’s the simple answer, but the truth is, given your insatiable desire for knowledge (and points!), we have since fast-tracked two items on our roadmap in response, namely:

  • A countdown clock until the next question delivery (similar to the one we have for our Hint Keys)
  • A push notification option that alerts you to new questions (similar to what we have for Challenges and Results)
  • As they say, coming soon to a smartphone near you!

    2) Our first year-goal was to set up a robust marketplace somewhat quietly in Canada, and once rock-solid, roll out into the USA first, and then around the world.

    The plan has stayed the same, but it looks like the timeline has accelerated somewhat. Even after five days, we realize that we’re onto something here. And if we can believe our Tweets, email and YouTube comments, so do people in the USA, and from as far away as Brazil, Australia, Japan and India.

    So the answer is “We’re coming…” Don’t know exactly when, but trust us, faster than anticipated. Until then, the only solace we can offer is the catchphrase from this classic TV commercial of the ‘70s.

    So here we go. We’re firing up the espressos and buttoning up the windbreakers.

    We’ve got a Future to play!

    5 Things You Should Know Before You Play The Future

    Hiya! Welcome all you future Futurists!

    We predict that since you’re on this page, you’ve already downloaded the Play The Future app…and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go download it on the App Store or Google Play now!
    Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

    Welcome back.

    You’re about to enter an addictive world of predicting, learning, earning and more predicting. Much more. To get the most out of this world, here are a few pointers:

    1) Get More Info!
    Click “Tell Me More…” to expand the question to get more information, and context, about what is being asked.

    2) Use Hints!
    Hints add accuracy to your predictions. If you’re feeling lucky and particularly psychic, you could read the question and make a prediction right away, but there are two hints available. The first hint is free and will lend some precision power to your prediction, but the second locked hint will add even more! Be careful about using keys to unlock hints; one key will be refilled every 4 hours for a maximum of 3 keys in your bank at any time.

    3) Challenge Your Friends!
    After you’ve made a prediction, challenge your friends to beat it! Not only do you earn more valuable points by challenging them, you also get to brag when you come out on top! Ahhh…bragging! Playing solo so far? Invite friends using Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email!

    4) Keep Your Eye on the Leaderboad
    Don’t ever take your eye off the leaderboard! Feel free to filter it Brand-by-Brand, or see how you’re doing overall, or see how you compare to your friends…but keep looking! A high ranking isn’t just for prestige, it’s also for…

    5) Prizes!
    Every month, we’ll have thousands of dollars in prizes from each of our Brand partners! Prizes will be given to the players in positions atop each Brand’s leaderboard, as well as to random players within it. More prizes means way more chances to win!

    Keep these 5 pointers in mind to get the most out of Play The Future and predict the outcomes of tomorrow!

    After all…life’s a game. Play it now!