PTF On April Fool’s: When The Worst Comes First


Perhaps the best part about April Fools’ Day is that it brings out unbridled creativity in companies and institutions that are usually very bridled the other 364 days of the year; kinda like Hallowe’en without costumes.

Here at Play The Future, we decided to put the April Fool’s spin not in the question or answer (because we felt that would’ve confused you even more than we usually do), but in your results.

In other words, we’re rewarding the player with the WORST accuracy the cash prize in our one-day, one-question “tournament.”

The question was about us: What was the total amount of spare change PTF staff would have after a group lunch on April 1?

A pocket-emptying post-meal session at 2:00 p.m. in our offices revealed:

Parisa $2.40
Brittni $0.40
Emilie $3.25
Andy $2.25
Van $30.50*

Total PTF pocket change was $38.80, and with a miles-away prediction of $9,065.00, Jamie S. wins the cash prize of $96.87…which just so happened to be the amount of spare change collected by PTF CEO Andy Nulman from March 21-27.

So, congrats to Jaime and thanks to all of you played…even though you had no idea what you were playing for, and how you could win.

If there’s a serious message in all this foolishness, it’s that no matter how you Play The Future, you CAN win, and as long as you Play The Future, you’re always winners in our eyes.

And in our pockets 😉


*enough weight to ground a NASA astronaut; the result of Van selling a microwave oven

Everybody Plays The Fool!


It’s way more than a 1972 hit by The Main Ingredient; it’s the theme and the catch-phrase for the next cross-Canada, all-in Tournament from Play The Future, taking place on Friday, April 1st.

But no fool are you; you know that like in our previous tournament–the wild UFT15–this one will offer you fun, intrigue, bragging rights, and of course, a cash prize! (Yes, another cash prize from the most generous app developer on the planet…)

However, this time it’s different, and way easier. Just one major question and one major winner. And to make things interesting, you won’t know the rules, or how to win, until you play.

We can’t tell you a whole lot more; given the special nature of the day, there’s some major surprisin’ to do. But suffice to say that this is a tournament like no other, and you’d have to be a fool NOT to play!

April 1st. Play The Future presents “Everybody Plays The Fool.”

Only a doofus would miss it!