5 Things You Should Know Before You Play The Future

Hiya! Welcome all you future Futurists!

We predict that since you’re on this page, you’ve already downloaded the Play The Future app…and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go download it on the App Store or Google Play now!
Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Welcome back.

You’re about to enter an addictive world of predicting, learning, earning and more predicting. Much more. To get the most out of this world, here are a few pointers:

1) Get More Info!
Click “Tell Me More…” to expand the question to get more information, and context, about what is being asked.

2) Use Hints!
Hints add accuracy to your predictions. If you’re feeling lucky and particularly psychic, you could read the question and make a prediction right away, but there are two hints available. The first hint is free and will lend some precision power to your prediction, but the second locked hint will add even more! Be careful about using keys to unlock hints; one key will be refilled every 4 hours for a maximum of 3 keys in your bank at any time.

3) Challenge Your Friends!
After you’ve made a prediction, challenge your friends to beat it! Not only do you earn more valuable points by challenging them, you also get to brag when you come out on top! Ahhh…bragging! Playing solo so far? Invite friends using Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email!

4) Keep Your Eye on the Leaderboad
Don’t ever take your eye off the leaderboard! Feel free to filter it Brand-by-Brand, or see how you’re doing overall, or see how you compare to your friends…but keep looking! A high ranking isn’t just for prestige, it’s also for…

5) Prizes!
Every month, we’ll have thousands of dollars in prizes from each of our Brand partners! Prizes will be given to the players in positions atop each Brand’s leaderboard, as well as to random players within it. More prizes means way more chances to win!

Keep these 5 pointers in mind to get the most out of Play The Future and predict the outcomes of tomorrow!

After all…life’s a game. Play it now!