U.S. Election Tournament

On November 8, at long last, months of bickering, name-calling and insults will finally come to an end as the American people choose a new President.

And what better way to put an end to this most bitter campaign than to turn it into a PTF Tournament…and win Uncle Sam-inspired prizes while playing it!

Yes, mark down Tuesday, Nov. 8 as THE Big Day. PTF’s US Election Tournament–13 star-spangled predictions (one for each stripe in the flag) about what’s REALLY important on this day of decision, division and derision.

Questions will run the gamut of:

– At what time will CNN declare either candidate as the winner?
– How long will the loser’s concession speech be?
– What will be the difference in electoral votes between the winner and loser?
– What color tie will Donald Trump wear for his speech?
– What color dress will Hillary Clinton wear for her speech?
– What percentage of the popular vote will Gary Johnson suck away?
– What will the %-margin-of-victory be in the always-wacky Florida vote?
– And so much more!

You don’t have to be American to play, but you’ll feel like one if you win, as we’re giving away cash prizes the likes of:

1st place: $200 U.S. converted to Canadian currency at the Nov. 9th rate
2nd place: $75 U.S. converted to Canadian currency at the Nov. 9th rate
3rd place: $50 U.S. converted to Canadian currency at the Nov. 9th rate

No green card or First Amendment accessory needed to play; just a mobile phone, sense of smarts and a little bit of vision.

PTF’s Election Selection. Tuesday, November 8. May the best man or woman win…the tournament!

Voici les lundis à un million de PTF : des prédictions à la perfection

Crache le cash!

Cinq sur sept : c’est tout ce que ça prend pour courir la chance de gagner 1 million de dollars.

Voici comment fonctionne le méga-fou tournoi de Play The Future qu’on appelle les lundis à un million : des prédictions à la perfection. (On va faire ça vite pour que vous puissiez jouer au PS!)

Le concept est simple :

Chaque lundi (à un million), nous vous proposerons sept questions bien précises. Les résultats seront dévoilés pendant la semaine qui suivra. Si vous atteignez la cible de cinq bonnes réponses ou plus sur sept, vous pourriez gagner 1 million de dollars. (Si plus d’un d’entre vous y arrivez, le gagnant sera tiré au hasard.)

Plus précisément :

Par cible, on entend une note parfaite de 100 % pour une prédiction numérique ou la bonne réponse à une question à choix multiple (juste la bonne réponse parmi les choix, pas l’ordre exact de toutes les réponses!).

Les réponses parfaites dans PTF sont assez fréquentes : pour presque chacune de nos questions, au moins un joueur atteint un score de 100 %. Le défi est d’en enfiler cinq sur sept. Pas facile… mais ça vaut le coup en crimebine!

Les prédictions à la perfection de PTF.

Notre premier lundi à un million sera le 24 octobre, juste entre l’Action de grâce et l’Halloween. Préparez votre costume de millionnaire, commencez à jouer et… peut-être aurez-vous une raison d’être VRAIMENT reconnaissant!

Cliquez ici pour lire les règlements du concours.

Aucun achat requis. Résidents canadiens, excluant Québec*. 13 ans et plus. Les lundis de 4h HE aux mardis à 3h59 HE à compter du 24 octobre et jusqu’au 22 novembre ou jusqu’à ce que le prix de 1 000 000 $CA soit gagné, selon la première éventualité. Un seul prix disponible à gagner pour toute la durée du concours. Chances de gagner : approx. 1 sur 40 000 000.

* Nous sommes plus que désolés de cette situation. À cause du la montagne d’exigences imposées pour cette activité promotionnelle, Play The Future doit, à grand regret, limiter la participation aux lundis à un million aux résidents canadiens vivant à l’extérieur du Québec.

Presenting Million Dollar Mondays: PTF’s Prediction Perfecto

Five out of seven. Right on the money.

That’s all you’ve gotta get for a chance to win $1 million.

That said, let us explain Play The Future’s major-league, mammoth in-app tournament called “Million Dollar Mondays: PTF’s Prediction Perfecto” (and do so in as few words as possible so you can stop reading about it and start playing it!).

The concept is simple:

Every Monday (this is why we call them “Million Dollar Mondays”), we’ll ask seven specific Prediction Perfecto questions. Results are revealed throughout the week, and if you hit the bullseye on five or more out of seven of them, well…you could win $1 million. (If more than one of you do so, we’ll have a random draw to determine the ultimate winner.)

Okay, so now a bit more detail:

“Bullseye” means a perfect score, either 100% on a numeric prediction or the correct answer on a multiple-choice prediction (just the right answer from among the choices, not the exact order of all answers!).

PTF Bullseyes are actually quite common; just about every one of our usual questions sees at least one of you score a direct, 100% hit. The challenge is to string at least five of them together from a weekly pool of seven. It ain’t easy…but it’s obviously worth it. That’s why we call it a “Perfecto.”

Our first Million Dollar Monday is October 24, right in between Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en. So prepare your millionnaire costume, start playing…and maybe we’ll give you something to be VERY thankful for!

Click here to read the contest rules.

No purchase required. Canadian residents excluding Quebec.* 13 +. On Mondays from 4:00 am ET to 3:59 am ET on Tuesdays, starting October 24 until November 22, or until the $1,000,000 CAN prize has been won, whichever comes first. One prize available to be won for the Contest Period. Odds: approx. 1 in 40,000,000.

* Sorry doesn’t express how bummed we are, but because of a mountain of requirements for this promotional activity in Quebec, we at Play The Future regretfully have to limit participation in Million Dollar Mondays to Canadian residents living outside the province.

Cash Contests at

Why Does The Emmy Tournament Usher in a New Era at PTF?

1) Because you can now play multiple choice
2) Because you can get points even if you’re wrong
3) Because we’ve made our game more fun
4) Because you can win an expensive smart TV

It doesn’t matter what you answered, because the correct result is “All of the above.”

The big, big news here at PTF is that we’ve opened up our game to include a new, but very familiar, way to make predictions: Multiple Choice.

But the PTF way is a little different (what a surprise!). Like in all other multiple choice, you have to choose the most likely correct answer; get it right on and you win maximum points. However, even if your first choice isn’t ultimately correct, you can still win points depending on where you put the actual right answer.

It’s easy; just look at & click the screenshots below:


Out of six PTF employees, if you believe that Marise will win a 2km flip flop footrace, put her first. If she actually does win, you get 400 points. But if Junaid wins, and you placed him in 3rd, you still take home 150 points. If Van wins, well…you’re out of luck. So order your multiple choices carefully!

Perhaps the best part of this new PTF innovation is the user experience; use your finger to slide your choices up and down with a playful pop, and lock them into position with a satisfying click.

Multiple Choice comes to Play The Future. We predict you’ll:

1) Love it
2) Enjoy it
3) Play it
4) Share it

Two More Startupfest Firsts: Play The Future…or be Played By It

By Andy Nulman, CEO of Play The Future

Last year, I set a Startupfest first when I created–with enthusiastic attendee help–the event’s improvised national anthem. (You can check it out here.)

This year, I’m doubling down on new Startupfest “Firsts,” both about the most fascinating of topics–The Future.

The first “First” involves my own start-up, a predictive gaming platform called Play The Future. One of my esteemed partners, Phil Donne (former CEO of Campbell’s Soup and Kellogg’s Canada) calls it “A breakthrough brand engagement tool that addresses the splintering of attention, the proliferation of ad-blockers and the wholesale rejection of push marketing”…

…but I call it “a game that lets you beat others, prove you’re brilliant and win stuff.

That said, PTF lives by two credos:
Life’s a game.
If it can be measured, it can be played.

This week, we are bringing the two together, because for the first time anywhere, people will “play” an event. Over its three days, Startupfest will turn into an interactive prediction tournament with daily winners, one overall champion, a whole lot of brain-stretching fun and some kick-ass prizes, including an Occulus Rift.

While I can’t reveal actual game questions just yet, suffice to say you’ll be asked to predict things like:
· How many times Dave McClure will swear
· How many beers (and/or deals) will be consummated at the opening party

…and so on.

The end result will be a layer of friendly competition, trash talk and surprise learnings draped over the world’s hippest, most relevant gathering of entrepreneurs and smart folk.

Playing Startupfest is easy. The whole thing lives on your smartphone; click here for the app, then Play The Future!

Which brings us to our second future-based “First”…a closing event which–gulp!–questions whether there will even be a future at all.

Okay, maybe it’s not that dire…but almost. The way Startupfest’s closing speaker Josh Harris sees it, the oncoming “Singularity”–when A.I. basically eliminates the need for humanity–is a bigger threat than global warming, and is way closer than you think.

Crazy? That’s what they said when Josh predicted the omnipresence of the Internet, reality TV, vlogging, the elimination of privacy and much more. And when I say “more,” I mean it somewhat disturbingly. To understand, check out “We Live In Public,” Ondi Tomoner’s award-winning doc about Josh here (or see it with both of them Friday night at Startupfest).

So it is with much anticipation, and way more trepidation, that I’m preparing to interview Josh in a very unique session called “Jack Knowledge.”

Again, don’t want to give too much away, but to keep with our tomorrow-looking theme, I have these fearless predictions to make about said session:

1. You won’t be bored
2 . You may be outraged and/or scared
3. You will change your worldview in 38 minutes

Startupfest 2016 presents The Future.

Play it…while it’s still around 😉

Play Canada D’eh!


It’s glorious, and it’s free…to play.

Play The Future stands on guard for thee with “Canada D’eh!” a one-day prediction tournament set for Friday, July 1.

It’s a public event as vast, as varied, as interesting and as head-scratching as the country it is based on.

Inclusive and diverse, Canada D’eh! will feature 13 predictive questions; a sea-to-shining-sea scope that includes one for each province and territory that makes up this grand land of ours. Never before have history, geography, politics, moose, beer, mountains, hockey, maple syrup and beavers blended together in such a fascinating and entertaining manner.

With glowing hearts you’ll see questions and results rise throughout the day, at the end of which will be crowned a new Captain Canuck, who will win not merely the admiration of his or her fellow countrymen and women, but a $500 gift card from Canada’s largest book retailer, Indigo!

Play The Future is proud to present Canada D’eh!, the one-day prediction tournament about us. Friday, July 1, 2016.

Canada D’eh! About Canadians. For Canadians. And from a company so profoundly Canadian, we’re almost embarrassed to have hyped this event so heavily.

Play Startupfest! (Yes, We Said Play It…)


Over its five-year history, Startupfest has been many things to many people.

This year, it’s making history, because for the first time ever for any event anywhere, Startupfest will become a game…for all people.

Working in conjunction with my new start-up called Play The Future (our major credo: “Life’s a Game”), Startupfest 2016 will turn into a three-day, interactive prediction competition with a trio of daily winners, one overall champion, some kick-ass prizes, and a whole lot of brain-stretching fun.

How we do it relies on our other major credo: “If it can be measured, it can be played.” (Hey, everything can be played, even this blog post. Can you predict how many words long it will be…title included?) And while I can’t reveal the actual game questions just yet, suffice to say you’ll be asked to predict things like:

· How long a speaker will “actually” speak (yeah, they all “keep to time”)
· How many times one will use a particular swear word
· How many people will be in a particular tent at a particular time
· How many beers (and/or deals) will be consummated at the opening party
· The temperature in the tent village at high noon

…and so on.

Four questions a day for three days, with two separate, but simultaneous, competitions—one limited to those on-site, and one open to players spanning the entire country of Canada (see we meant by “all people”?). It’s just like trivia, except you can’t cheat by Googling the answers, because they haven’t happened yet. We call it “tomorrow’s trivia.”

The end result will be a layer of friendly competition, trash talk and surprise learnings draped over the world’s hippest and most relevant gathering of entrepreneurs and smart folk.

Playing Startupfest is easy. The whole thing takes place on your smartphone; click here for simple instructions on how and where to get the app.

Oh, and by the way, 338 words…including these.

But you already knew that, didn’t ya? 😉

Donald Trump: The Game (Playing Him is the Best Revenge)


Donald Trump’s Presidential run.

To some, it’s a dream come true.

To others, it’s a nightmare of epic proportions.

To us (and to you, too) it’s a game. Why just follow Donald Trump’s shenanigans when you can play them for prestige and prizes?

Play The Future is excited, albeit somewhat apprehensive, to announce that as of June 1, Donald Trump’s run for the White House will join our prestigious brand lineup on the PTF app.

As is the case with all PTF brands, players will be able to make up-to-the-minute, pinpointed predictions every two or three days about the madness, the mayhem, the words and the actions that surround the Republican contender for the world’s most powerful office. For example:

● How long will Trump’s Cleveland convention acceptance speech run?
● What % of votes will Trump get in the next HuffPo “Donald vs. Hillary” poll?
● How many tweets will Trump post from over the July 4th weekend?
● What % of Trump’s statements will be ranked “Pants on Fire” by Politifact?
● How many misspellings in Trump tweets this week?
● How many times will Hillary mention “Trump” in her appearance on The Tonight Show?

Yeah, we know…the possibilities are endless!

Like all other PTF predictions, each Trump question comes with two hints and a timely result to monitor player progress. In addition, there will be a PTF Trump leaderboard, where top players every month will take home such “great again” prizes like Trump-festooned sweaters, Trump-festooned toilet paper, Trump-focused card games and Trump-wannabe orange spray tans.

He’s been a hotel, an airline, a reality show, a wine and a steak. Now, finally, Donald Trump is a game.

You can follow him and herald his ascent with loyal passion.

You can jam your eyes blind shut in the hope that he will just go away.

But no matter where you stand on the spectrum, perhaps the best way to deal with Trump is to play him. From today until he is elected or defeated.

Donald Trump–The Game. Only on Play The Future.

Download it now on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Don’t Just Enjoy The L000NG Weekend…Play It to Win $1000 on Monday, May 23

Most common folk spend their long weekends relaxing.

But Play The Futurists are far from common.

Which is why we’re letting you rest your body but work your brain in our “Play The L000NG Weekend” Tournament on Holiday Monday, May 23.

Living up to our credo that “Life’s a game,” we’ve put together 15 different themed questions about the first long weekend of the year; the time when Canadians across the country put the yesterday of winter behind them and peer into the oncoming tomorrow called summer.

You’ll be quizzed about all the things you enjoy about long weekends, like beer, lakes, weather, barbecues, and more beer. You’ll also be quizzed about some things you don’t enjoy, like lineups at the Canada/U.S. border, mosquitoes, and those pesky cousins that drop by the cottage uninvited.

To make it worth your while, in addition to the profound, double-edged satisfaction of being right and being smarter than everyone else, we’re offering a $1,000 cash prize to the player who racks up the most points on that magic Monday in May. (This may explain why we use “zeros” instead of “O”s in the term “L000NG Weekend”…not just to stretch out the word, but to potentially stretch out your wallet!)

So lay back in your hammock, sit by the fire…and fire up your predicting powers on Monday, May 23 when you join thousands of Canadians to Play The L000NG Weekend!

PTF On April Fool’s: When The Worst Comes First


Perhaps the best part about April Fools’ Day is that it brings out unbridled creativity in companies and institutions that are usually very bridled the other 364 days of the year; kinda like Hallowe’en without costumes.

Here at Play The Future, we decided to put the April Fool’s spin not in the question or answer (because we felt that would’ve confused you even more than we usually do), but in your results.

In other words, we’re rewarding the player with the WORST accuracy the cash prize in our one-day, one-question “tournament.”

The question was about us: What was the total amount of spare change PTF staff would have after a group lunch on April 1?

A pocket-emptying post-meal session at 2:00 p.m. in our offices revealed:

Parisa $2.40
Brittni $0.40
Emilie $3.25
Andy $2.25
Van $30.50*

Total PTF pocket change was $38.80, and with a miles-away prediction of $9,065.00, Jamie S. wins the cash prize of $96.87…which just so happened to be the amount of spare change collected by PTF CEO Andy Nulman from March 21-27.

So, congrats to Jaime and thanks to all of you played…even though you had no idea what you were playing for, and how you could win.

If there’s a serious message in all this foolishness, it’s that no matter how you Play The Future, you CAN win, and as long as you Play The Future, you’re always winners in our eyes.

And in our pockets 😉


*enough weight to ground a NASA astronaut; the result of Van selling a microwave oven