PTF Goes “Social” Big-Time By Playing CTV’s Afternoon Show

(From left to right: Melissa, Lainey, Tessa, and Cynthia)

When it comes to media, you can’t get more “social” than this.

After a successful three-month test-run with CTV’s national breakfast show “Your Morning,” Play The Future recently moved up the network’s schedule to be integrated to “play” its cross-country afternoon show, “The Social.”

And as debuts go, label Monday, April 16th’s as “auspicious.” Not only did co-host Melissa Grelo deftly and expertly present the PTF concept in an upbeat three-minute shout-out, she did so with an inaugural question based on Olympic skating champion and legend Tessa Virtue…who just so happened to be right by her side, guest-hosting the show (and who modestly understated her own prediction).

You can see the whole segment by clicking here, but suffice to say that this is just the next step in a very ambitious, cross-media, ongoing interactive predictive project that we are cooking up.

Details soon, but until then, check out The Social on CTV daily for the latest in news, pop culture, celebrity guests and lifestyle advice…then play them all on the PTF app as a coast-to-coast competition for unique weekly The Social-branded prizes.