Two “Sure Bet” Emmy Predictions

They say that there is no such thing as a “sure bet.” We at Play The Future disagree. Here are two “can’t miss” forecasts for our Second Annual Emmy Awards Prediction Tournament.

1) Game of Thrones will NOT win Best Drama Series
2) You will show up in droves for our Emmy Tournament

Here’s how we know.

1) It isn’t even nominated. Yes, 23 nominations last year and zero this year.That’s what happens when your new season’s premiere takes place AFTER the eligibility deadline.
2) Last year’s Emmy Awards Tournament was one of our best nights ever, setting records for players and predictions made.

Well, that was easy. But the rest gets harder.The tourney features 15 antenna-raising predictions ranging from the basic (“How many Emmys will 22-time nominated Westworld win?”) to the sublime (“How many times will the audience laugh when Kumail Nanjiani is on stage presenting an award?”).

And it’s worth it. The Top 3 Futurists* will win a TV Season Box Set!

PTF’s Emmys Tournament. Start predicting as of Wednesday, Sept. 13 and watch results happen live as we play along with the show Sunday, Sept. 17.

We know you’ll be there!


Why just read about predictions when you can make one…and see how you did when you get the result!

Download Play The Future.

*Subject to contest rules.

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