PTF Power Couples! A little friendly competition never hurt ;)

As you may have found out by now, Play The Future is way more fun when you play against your friends and family! Our PTF Power Couples are the perfect example of this. They have made the app a part of their daily lives, and play strategically to stay on top of the leaderboards and maximize their number of prizes! Can you say #relationshipgoals?

But just how do they do it? Well, we asked them!

PTF’s Power Couples:
Jocelyn & Samuel M.
Eryka & Dustin P.
Chanika T. & Shashindra S.
Gina & Ryan B.

Do you play PTF together or separately?

J&S: We typically play PTF together.

E&D: We usually play separately due to our schedules, but we’ll sometimes try to collaborate on tournament questions or specific questions that relate to topics the other is knowledgeable about.

C&S: It depends. If the question has a deadline near midnight, we play them at the same time, but we usually play daytime questions separately. We do play tournaments together, though. At the early stages of the game, sharing hints was very important!

Ryan: Probably 50/50. We each have categories we are good at so we try to use that to our advantage.

Gina: I only trade answers for housework!

Do you compete against each other?

J&S: We generally work on PTF together as a team in the hopes that we will BOTH end up at the top of the leaderboards! That said, we are both competitive players, even with each other… and, we both enjoy coming out on top.

E&D: Absolutely! There’s nothing better than friendly competition. We love comparing our accuracy scores when new results appear.

C&S: Kind of. We used to play against each other a lot when friend points were present, and when we did not have many friends on PTF.

Ryan: We like seeing each other in the top each week but I secretly try to beat her because I know she will rub it in if I don’t.

Gina: I’m in it to win it!

Have you ever argued over a question?

J&S: (laughs) While we don’t like to think we argue about specific questions, we do have times when we disagree about how to answer a question. Samuel has a tendency to calculate answers on spreadsheets and when doing so, rambles numbers at me out loud. I tend to keep it a little simpler and think it out quietly in my head. The number rambling gets to me every now and again. #okayallthetime …but, we still enjoy playing as a couple!

E&D: Not that I can remember, but we do often disagree with predictions the other makes, thinking they’re too far off. To our surprise, those ones are usually the most accurate!

C&S: Not really arguments, but when one of us misread a question and predicts a totally different answer we tease each other about it.

Ryan: Sometimes I think she purposely gives me the wrong answers!

Gina: As long as he remembers that I’m always right, there’s never anything to argue about!

Do you share the prizes?

J&S: We have combined gift card totals to purchase larger items together as a “power couple.” We also intend on going out on a date night using the prizes we won towards dinner. We have given some prizes to each other, and some have been gifted to friends and family.

E&D: We do! If a prize appeals more to one of us, then we let that person keep it. It’s been great having the opportunity to win so many various types of prizes. Dustin was especially excited about winning the Tech Rumours tournament Loot Wear tee. He now has a new Transformers tee he loves showing off!

C&S: Yep. Most of the time.

Ryan: We always share and save any gift cards for date nights.

Gina: Absolutely! I know how much he loves Sephora!

Do you have a cute story to tell us involving PTF?

J&S: Playing PTF together has become a part of our bedtime routine with our family. Every night, after we read bedtime stories to our little 8 month old girl, we play PTF in the nursery together while I nurse our baby Emily to sleep in the rocking chair. I play on my phone, while flipping back and forth between PTF, the internet, and a nursing app, while Samuel plays sitting on the floor with a laptop for research and his tablet to input his answers. We typically do our own research and then compare notes before answering. This must be what makes us a PTF Power Couple. LOL! #imayputthatonmyresume

E&D: I don’t have a cute story to share, but I love how PTF has allowed us to play an exciting game together AND win awesome prizes. It’s always fun to see who will rank higher and predict more accurately!

C&S: Well, I am the one who started playing PTF on my phone, but then I broke my phone and had to install it on my wife’s phone so that I wouldn’t miss any questions! (At that time the prizes were given out monthly and I was winning some of the categories and didn’t want to ruin my chances). Then later she started to play the game on her own.

Ryan & Gina: For the entire first year we played PTF we saved all of our gift cards and then treated ourselves to a completely free shopping day and date night, complete with dinner and a movie!

Well, there you have it! Maybe we should work on a dating app for single Futurists…kidding! 😉 What about you, do you play with your partner or alone? Let us know!

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