PTF Makes Apple Watches the Optimal Place To Play Lightning Rounds and Check Results

Play The Future is proud to announce a brand new, international time zone–Lightning Round Time.

Starting July 12, the Lightning Round–PTF’s popular fast-paced, fleeting feature–will be the focal point of our debut Apple Watch app, available on countless wrists around the globe. You’ll never miss another one because you actually put your phone down for a few minutes.

The Lightning Round: one fast prediction, one rapid response, and one worldwide winner. So simple and satisfying to play, Apple Watch owners will find themselves flicking their wrists in “around the clock” anticipation. Coming at you when you least expect it, the Lightning Round’s limited timeframe and real-time subject matter brings a sense of urgent fun to the growing Apple Watch community.

But there’s more than just Lightning in PTF’s Apple Watch app. It also brings the thunder with up to the minute results for every PTF prediction; a natural and timely complement for PTF’s smartphone and tablet gameplay.

PTF’s Apple Watch app. Not a “mini iPhone app,” but designed watch-outwards for an optimal user experience. Electrifying, to say the least!

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