PTF’s Million Dollar Mondays: Too Good To Be True…But True. Really!

There’s an old expression that goes: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Put bluntly, it means that if anything appears to be uniformly and unicorn-ally wonderful…it’s probably a scam.

Which brings us to Play The Future’s weekly Million Dollar Mondays (MDM) challenge.

Simple concept: Predict five out of seven questions perfectly and you win $1,000,000.

Most definitely wonderful.

Most definitely NOT a scam.

And most importantly…most definitely true!

Also true is the fact that it’s not easy (hey, for a million bucks, what is?). But after 21 weeks, you guys are getting better, and getting closer!

More than half the time (11 weeks, to be exact), 4 of the 7 weekly questions sees results of 100% accuracy. Four out of seven every second week! That’s soooooo tantalizingly close! You can almost taste the jackpot! All that one of you has to do is lock down five MDM answers and voila!–you join the ranks of the millionaires!

So we reiterate–keep trying! Take your time, do a bit of homework and you’ll see that Million Dollar Mondays is worth that little extra effort.

And when one of you finally hits the big five, you can be our spokesperson for all things good…and true!

Until then, if you have any MDM questions, any MDM comments, or even any MDM doubt, reach out to us as

See you Monday!

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