Predicting 2017: Nothing’s For Sure…Except This

The first few weeks of a New Year are usually marked by people predicting “what will be.”
Forecasting today what will happen tomorrow is how we at Play The Future make our living, and we deal in unpredictability on a daily basis.

And while we, perhaps more than anyone, understand that no outcome is ever guaranteed, we can say, irrefutably, that these things are going to happen for sure.

To start, Play The Future makes its American debut as of Feb. 1. This massive new market has the potential to amplify our current user base exponentially, and even though we’re a relatively new start-up, we have room for everyone! Everything our soft-launch group of players know and love about us will be part of PTF USA, including the wild weekly kickoff of Million Dollar Mondays (excluding residents of Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories and Possessions).

To tantalize this influx of players, we have increased our prizing frequency from monthly to weekly, which translates to more winners more often. And to keep the influx entertained (and to keep them influxing), we’re planning way more of our popular Prediction Tournaments. In fact, we’ve got three new ones in February alone:

    It’s super, if you get our drift 😉 On Sunday, Feb 5., you can predict everything from who will win the Big Game to how long Lady Gaga will perform at half-time. Big gift cards for big football merch are the big prizes
    A chart-topper for sure! Sunday, Feb. 12 marks the biggest night in music and the wildest predictions about it.
    Sunday, Feb. 26. It’s the most glamourous night of the year, and you can predict everything from Best Picture winner to Longest Acceptance Speech loser.
  • All this newness packed in an updated, faster and slicker version, PTF v1.3 to be precise. Part of this update is PTF’s iMessage sticker pack for iOS users; 10 eye-popping futuresque visuals for you to share and use when you trash talk and beat your friends and rivals.

    A lot of change, a lot of new…and this is merely what we know now for sure.

    But if you know us, you know we’ll predict a lot more to come in 2017 as well.
    Stay with us not just to find out what it is, but to be part of what it is!

    One thought on “Predicting 2017: Nothing’s For Sure…Except This”

    1. Love this app!!! Genius and tons of fun. Kills me when I’m way off base, but that just makes me more determined to PTF!!!

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