Predict the Oscars!

[Feb. 27 at 12:00 AM EST]
IT’S ALL OVER, FOLKS! What a mix-up at the end of the night! We were freaking out! In case you didn’t see, La La Land had been announced the Best Picture winner, only to be told a few minutes later that there was a mistake. Moonlight was the real winner! And guess what? 2.7% of you were all-star prognosticators and predicted it to win! WOW! You guys beat all the experts! 😉

Casey Affleck and Ryan Gosling were head-to-head in Best Actor predictions for a good week. However, 34.8% of PTF Players were right in predicting that Casey would win the Oscar!

Pat yourselves on the back because PTF Players predicted the outcome of Hollywood’s Biggest Night!

The winners will be announced tomorrow! Goodnight!

[Feb. 26 at 8:30 PM EST]
Here are the final prediction percentages! The show is about to begin…have your popcorn ready? 😉

[Feb. 26 at 12:30 PM EST]
OMG! It’s OSCAR SUNDAY! Here’s where the predictions stand right now. Are you confident in yours? If you haven’t made them yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The red carpet starts at 19:00 ET, which is when the predictions expire. You have until then to deliberate. During the ceremony, keep your eye on the app as results will be rolling in live! We’ll see you again at 19:01 ET for the final percentages. 😉

[Feb. 25 at 11:30 AM EST]
THE BIG DAY IS TOMORROW! Are you excited? WE ARE! Make your predictions if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned to our Facebook page as we’ll be filming our own PTF Predictions live before the show! Like our Facebook page here.

[Feb. 24 at 2:00 PM EST]
Seems there’s a general consensus pick for every category except Best Actor. Think there’ll be any upsets? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Feb. 23 at 2:30 PM EST]
Expert predictor Ben Zauzmer (@BensOscarMath) has posted the rest of his predictions! Click here to see the updated list.

[Feb. 22 at 2:00 PM EST]
Introducing, Ben Zauzmer (@BensOscarMath), a Harvard grad who uses his math skills to make Oscars predictions for The Hollywood Reporter:

Ben has made his predictions in the app, and as the results start rolling in on Sunday night, you’ll be pitted head-to-head with him on the results screen! Good luck! 😉

You can check out his full breakdown of Oscar probabilities for each category here.

[Feb. 21 at 12:00 PM EST]
The Oscars may be the biggest event of awards’ season, but dozens of statues have already been given out to honor last year’s films. From the smaller critics association awards to the Golden Globes, here are the top winners so far:
Best Picture:
Moonlight: 5 awards
La La Land: 4 awards

Best Actor:
Casey Affleck: 8 awards (WHOA!)
Ryan Gosling: 1 award

Best Actress:
Isabelle Huppert: 5 awards
Natalie Portman: 3 awards
Emma Stone: 1 award

Best Supporting Actor:
Mahershala Ali: 8 awards

Best Supporting Actress:

Michelle Williams: 5 awards
Viola Davis: 3 awards

Best Director:
Barry Jenkins (Moonlight): 5 awards
Damien Chazelle (La La Land): 3 awards

Only time will tell if the Oscars will add to their growing collection! 😉

[Feb. 20 at 12:00 PM EST]
PTF’s Brittni has been trying to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the big show, and though she predicts that La La Land will take home the trophy, she really wishes that it would go to Hidden Figures! She still has yet to watch Moonlight though! 😉 Aaaand…as of right now, Moonlight has only 2.7% of the predictions.

[Feb. 19 at 8:00 PM EST]
It’s officially one week before the Oscars! The percentages haven’t fluctuated much, and Ryan Gosling is holding onto the top spot for PTF Best Actor predictions. At this rate, the only question in people’s minds is how many Oscars will La La Land actually win? It has 14 nominations, which ties it with 2 other movies for most Oscar nominations in history!

[Feb. 18 at 12:00 PM EST]
Ryan Gosling did it! He overtook Casey Affleck for Best Actor predictions. This is at odds with all of the experts listed, but we think our Futurists know what they’re talking about! He did win this year’s Golden Globe for Best Actor, after all!

[Feb. 17 at 3:00 PM EST]
Another day, another prediction update! PTF Futurists are making their predictions, but the nominees in the PTF column haven’t changed yet. There seems to be a consensus…except for Best Actor! Now, only .1% of predictions separates Casey Affleck from Ryan Gosling!

[Feb. 16 at 1:30 PM EST]
The race between Casey Affleck and Ryan Gosling for Best Actor is getting even tighter (Gosling now has 36.9% of the predictions), while the divide between Best Actress nominees gets even wider! Emma Stone is the clear front-runner there with 73.7% of the predictions so far!

[Feb. 15 at 4:30 PM EST]
The first day of predictions is wrapping up, and many of our Futurists agree with the experts (and everyone else) that La La Land will clean up at the Oscars! The only category that seems up in the air at this point is Best Actor. 38.9% of our Futurists think the Oscar will go to Casey Affleck, while 36.8% think it will go to Ryan Gosling! Unlike Variety and, only 16.7% of our Futurists think it will go to Denzel. One thing is for sure, however, we’re really excited to find out the result on the 26th!

[Feb. 15 at 9:00 AM EST]
It’s the Superbowl of Showbiz, the one night where film fans the world over tune in for a glitzy, competitive event that’s way more important than just the commercials within it!

From now until Sunday, February 26th Play The Future will be there turning it into the type of interactive tournament you’ve come to love…and play!

Predict 20 questions not just about the nominees, but about who’s wearing what, about what Jimmy Kimmel’s going to do and about what inevitable craziness will transpire. Whether you’re gaga for La La, or dancing in the Moonlight, this is your night to predict the unpredictable!

And just like the ceremony itself, we’ve got lots of prizes for lots of winners–$100 for movie tickets to the top point getter, and $50 for movie tickets for numbers 2 to 10.

So start predicting today; this special tournament goes for a whopping 12 days…time enough to catch every nominated movie and REALLY show your stuff! And the winner is…

PTF Grammys Tournament: Making Music’s Biggest Night Even Bigger

Well, to quote the great Bugs Bunny, that’s all folks! Just to recap a few highlights:
– Chance The Rapper won his first (and second and third) Grammy tonight.
– Beyoncé stunned us all with a breathtaking visual performance, and her lil baby bump.
– Adele swept the 3 “big” Grammy awards (including Album of the Year, #SorryBey).
Congratulations to the majority of Futurists that accurately predicted Album/Song/Record of the Year, and our condolences to the 45.4% of you that inaccurately predicted Best New Artist. We’ll be revealing the tournament winner tomorrow, so stay tuned!

[Feb. 12th, 20:00 PM EST]
And we’re off! The Grammys are underway, and we’ve already seen some amazing live performances (as well as a brilliant opening sketch by James Corden).
P.S. – Sorry to disappoint the 45.4% of you that voted for The Chainsmokers, but Chance The Rapper took home the award for Best New Artist!

[Feb. 11th, 11:00 AM EST]
Less than 48 hours until the Grammys begin! Although there hasn’t been a huuuge shift in prediction percentages, Adele has trended down slightly in every category except Record Of The Year since our last update.

[Feb. 10th, 4:30 PM EST]
Jeez louise! We’ve already had 2,353 predictions pour in for our Album of the Year question…and there’s still 2 more days to go before the ceremony!

[Feb. 10th, 12:00 PM EST]
The Chainsmokers seem to be our Futurists’ favorites to win the coveted Best New Artist award…but Chance The Rapper isn’t too far behind! Check out the full prediction breakdown below:
The Chainsmokers: 44.8%
Chance The Rapper: 39.1%
Kelsea Ballerini: 11.2%
Maren Morris: 2.8%
Anderson .Paak: 2.0%

[Feb. 9th, 5:30 PM EST]
The gap between Adele and everyone else in the Song of the Year category just gets wider and wider as more Grammy predictions are made! Here’s the full breakdown:
Hello (Adele): 63.6%
Formation (Beyoncé): 19.9%
7 Years (Lukas Graham): 7.1%
Love Yourself (Justin Bieber): 6.6%
I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Mike Posner): 2.8%

[Feb. 9th, 12:00 PM EST]
Not much movement since last night! PTF Players are still rooting for Adele to win in 3 out of the 4 categories! In the Best New Artist category, Chance The Rapper is gaining momentum with 39.3% of the predictions. Watch out, Chainsmokers! 😉

[Feb. 8th, 4:30 PM EST]
Here are the numbers for Day 1 of our Grammys Tournament! PTF Players seem to think that Adele’s in it to win it! She has the majority of the predictions for three categories. The only category that players seem unsure about is Record of The Year. In that category, Beyoncé’s Formation is almost on par with Adele with 37.7% of the predictions!

[Feb. 8th, 9:00 AM EST]
Music is magical when listened to alone, but let’s face it, there’s nothing like the buzz of experiencing the beat, the rhythm, the spirit of song, with others.

And such is the appeal of PTF’s Grammys Prediction Tournament, where the interactive gameplay with–and against!–others makes music’s biggest night exponentially bigger.

Whether you go with your head, your heart or your gut, you just KNOW who’s gonna win…so make your predictions with passion! Winners take home the perfect prize–gift cards for concert tickets, keeping the collective musical experience going strong.

So why just watch alone when you can play the Grammys en masse? It all starts here on Wednesday, Feb. 8! Play until the big show on Feb. 12 at 8 PM EST, and we’ll keep you updated right here with results, leading to a new PTF Tournery chart-topper by Sunday night’s end!

The Big Game Tournament!

Drumroll please…here are the final results!

The Patriots won the Big Game in overtime (the first in the Championship’s history)! 61.9% of our players were right, and beat out a couple of NFL experts!

The final score ended up being 34-28 for the Patriots! PTF Players’ median prediction was WAY closer than that of EA Sports and David Steele. In fact, a whopping 42 PTF Players got this question 100% correct!

Tom Brady broke the record for passing yards in a single game! NO ONE saw this coming, except PTF Player, Jennifer H. She predicted 462!

Lady Gaga opened her performance with a rendition of “God Bless America”, then sang one line of “Edge of Glory”…and then went into a full performance of “Poker Face”! What matters is that 8.7% of PTF Players beat USAToday’s FTW and CBS’ Will Brinson! 😉

(Click the image to see it in all its glory!) No surprise here after the Patriots’ comeback in the second half of the game! Tom Brady wins his 5th Big Game ring, and his 4th Big Game MVP Award…and 48.5% of PTF Players saw it coming! 😉

Thanks for watching & playing the Big Game with us! Come back next weekend for the Grammys Tournament!

PTF’s Big Game Prediction Tournament: It’s So Super, You’ll Be Bowled Over!

Yeah, we know…EVERYONE makes predictions on Sunday’s Big Game.

But NOBODY does it like Play The Future.

To coincide with our USA launch, the PTF Big Game Prediction Tournament captures the competitive excitement of the game with all the hype, madness and merriment that surrounds it. It’s SO big, it takes over our entire app for 24 hours!

One big day only–Sunday, Feb. 5.

10 big prizes of $50 football merch gift cards.

And 15 big questions that run the gamut of:

  • How long will Lady Gaga’s performance last?
  • Which Big Game ad will get most views on YouTube?
  • What number do you get when you add the total points with the sweater number of the MVP?
  • …and everything in between.
  • Best of all, with PTF’s live blogging element (manned by real people, no bots!), you’ll be able to follow along, get instant updates and see who’s winning in real time. Oh, not the game…the Prediction Tournament!

    Big Game Day on Play The Future.

    First Down-load it, then play it to win!

    Attachez votre casque avec de la broche : C’est le tournoi du Grand match de PTF!

    Oui, on le sait… TOUT LE MONDE fait des prédictions le dimanche du Grand match.

    Mais PERSONNE ne le fait comme Play The Future.

    Juste à temps pour le lancement de notre application aux États-Unis, le football s’empare de PTF le temps d’un tournoi qui vous fera profiter de l’ambiance compétitive du sport et de tout le plaisir et la folie qui l’entoure. Tout ça pendant 24 heures entières!

    Un jour seulement, le dimanche 5 février.

    À gagner : 10 grands prix de 50 $ en carte-cadeau pour des articles de football.

    Vous aurez à répondre à 15 questions du genre :

  • Combien de temps durera le spectacle de Lady Gaga?
  • Quelle publicité du Grand match aura la plus de vues sur YouTube?
  • Quelle sera la somme du total de points et du numéro du joueur le plus utile?
  • …et bien plus!

    Encore mieux : de vrais membres de l’équipe de PTF (pas des robots!) blogueront en direct pour vous permettre de connaître en temps réel les dernières nouvelles du tournoi et l’état du classement. C’est du sérieux!

    Alors préparez le champagne, téléchargez l’application et faites vos prédictions : vous êtes à 15 questions d’une grande victoire!

    Predicting 2017: Nothing’s For Sure…Except This

    The first few weeks of a New Year are usually marked by people predicting “what will be.”
    Forecasting today what will happen tomorrow is how we at Play The Future make our living, and we deal in unpredictability on a daily basis.

    And while we, perhaps more than anyone, understand that no outcome is ever guaranteed, we can say, irrefutably, that these things are going to happen for sure.

    To start, Play The Future makes its American debut as of Feb. 1. This massive new market has the potential to amplify our current user base exponentially, and even though we’re a relatively new start-up, we have room for everyone! Everything our soft-launch group of players know and love about us will be part of PTF USA, including the wild weekly kickoff of Million Dollar Mondays (excluding residents of Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories and Possessions).

    To tantalize this influx of players, we have increased our prizing frequency from monthly to weekly, which translates to more winners more often. And to keep the influx entertained (and to keep them influxing), we’re planning way more of our popular Prediction Tournaments. In fact, we’ve got three new ones in February alone:

    It’s super, if you get our drift 😉 On Sunday, Feb 5., you can predict everything from who will win the Big Game to how long Lady Gaga will perform at half-time. Big gift cards for big football merch are the big prizes
    A chart-topper for sure! Sunday, Feb. 12 marks the biggest night in music and the wildest predictions about it.
    Sunday, Feb. 26. It’s the most glamourous night of the year, and you can predict everything from Best Picture winner to Longest Acceptance Speech loser.
  • All this newness packed in an updated, faster and slicker version, PTF v1.3 to be precise. Part of this update is PTF’s iMessage sticker pack for iOS users; 10 eye-popping futuresque visuals for you to share and use when you trash talk and beat your friends and rivals.

    A lot of change, a lot of new…and this is merely what we know now for sure.

    But if you know us, you know we’ll predict a lot more to come in 2017 as well.
    Stay with us not just to find out what it is, but to be part of what it is!

    Pour 2017, rien de certain. Sauf que…

    Pendant les premières semaines de l’année, les gens essaient souvent de prédire ce qui arrivera dans les douze prochains mois.
    Prédire aujourd’hui ce qui arrivera demain, c’est notre spécialité chez Play The Future. L’imprévisible, c’est notre pain quotidien.

    Et bien que nous sachions mieux que quiconque que rien n’est jamais certain, nous pouvons affirmer avec certitude que ces événements auront lieu.

    Tout d’abord, Play The Future fera son entrée aux États-Unis le 1er février. Cet énorme nouveau marché a le potentiel d’élargir considérablement notre base d’utilisateurs, et même si nous sommes une entreprise relativement nouvelle, nous avons de la place pour tout le monde! Tout ce que nos joueurs actuels aiment de l’application se retrouvera dans la version américaine, y compris notre concours hebdomadaire des lundis à un million (excepté pour les résidents de la Floride, de Porto Rico et des territoires des États-Unis).

    Pour rendre le jeu alléchant pour nos nouveaux joueurs, nous augmentons la fréquence des prix, qui deviennent hebdomadaires. Ça veut dire plus de gagnants, plus souvent. Et pour garder tout ce beau monde intéressé, nous avons prévu encore plus de tournois comme on les aime. Il y en a déjà trois à l’horaire en février seulement :

    Avis aux amateurs de football! Le dimanche 5 février, vous pourrez prédire tout ce qui se passera dans le match, comme combien de temps durera le spectacle de Lady Gaga à la mi-temps. À gagner : des cartes-cadeaux échangeables contre des articles de football!
    Un succès assuré! Le dimanche 12 février marquera une grande soirée pour la musique et une folle soirée de prédictions.
    Le dimanche 26 février, ce sera la soirée la plus glamour de l’année. À vos prédictions : qui gagnera le prix du Meilleur film? Quel perdra le plus de temps à faire des grands discours?
  • Plein de nouveautés dans une seule mise à jour, en version plus rapide et améliorée, la version PTF v1.3. Vous y trouverez un pack de stickers de PTF pour iMessage pour les utilisateurs d’iOS : 10 autocollants futuristes à partager et à utiliser pour faire son frais après avoir battu des amis et des rivaux!

    Beaucoup de changements, beaucoup de nouveautés… voilà ce qu’on peut prédire avec certitude.

    Mais ceux qui nous connaissent savent que nous ferons encore bien d’autres prédictions en 2017. Restez à l’affût non seulement pour être tenu au courant, mais pour faire partie de ce qui s’en vient!