Jouer avec l’histoire : le Tournoi de l’investiture de PTF

Le 20 janvier 2017, ce sera l’investiture du 45e président des États-Unis.

Pour certains, c’est un premier signe de l’arrivée de l’apocalypse.

Pour d’autres, cette date marque le jour 1 du retour d’une Amérique grande et belle.

Pour nous, chez Play The Future, c’est une occasion de vivre un moment historique de la meilleure façon qui soit : en le transformant en un jeu intelligent, interactif et respectueusement irrévérencieux.

Bienvenue au Tournoi de l’investiture de PTF, un événement où les résultats devraient être aussi surprenants que ceux des derniers mois.

Un jour entier de questions à l’image des événements de la journée; jurons dans les discours, choix vestimentaires et bals de l’investiture; rien ne sera oublié. Les futuristes de PTF auront à faire des prédictions telles que :

– Combien de fois Donald Trump prononcera-t-il le mot «great» dans son discours d’investiture?

– De quelle couleur sera la cravate de Mike Pence lorsqu’il posera sa main sur la Bible?

– Combien de temps durera la chanson de la danse d’ouverture du bal du président?

Et, pour rester dans le thème de cette journée 100% States, des prix en argent américain seront remis… prix que nous convertirons en dollars canadiens, bien sûr. Le meilleur pointeur recevra 100 $SU (convertis en $CA), et les deux suivants, 50 $US (convertis en $CA).

Quelles que soient vos allégeances politiques, donc, mettez-les de côté le 20 janvier. Parce qu’à l’investiture, l’application Play The Future unira tous les joueurs sous le signe du plaisir. Génial, non?

Playing Around With History: PTF’s Inauguration Day Tournament

January 20, 2017–the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

To some, it’s the first sign of the coming apocalypse.

To others, it’s Day One of Making America Great Again.

To us at Play The Future, it’s an opportunity to experience a historical moment in the best way possible–by making an intelligent, interactive, respectfully irreverent game out of it.

Welcome to PTF’s Inauguration Day Tournament, an event where the results should be equally as surprising as the ones that brought us to this day in the first place.

A full day of questions that will mirror a full day of special goings-on; everything from swearing in and speeches made, to wardrobe choices and inaugural balls attended. PTF Futurists will have to ponder and predict things like:

–How many times will Donald Trump use the word “great” in his inaugural speech?

–What color tie will Mike Pence be wearing when he puts his hand on the bible?

–How long will the President’s Ball opening dance song be?

And keeping with the all-day, all-USA theme, players will compete for American cash prizes…converted to Canadian dollar equivalent, of course. Top point getter will win $100 USD (converted to CAD), with two runners-up taking home $50 USD (converted to CAD).

So no matter what your political leanings, throw them away on January 20. Because on Inauguration Day, there’s only one party that matters–the one we’re throwing in the Play The Future app. It’s Inaugur-great!

How to Make Great 2017 Predictions

By Andy Nulman, Play The Future CEO

I love this time of year because everybody seems to be obsessed with telling the future.

For one’s selves, people make “resolutions”…and we know how most of them end up come February (and we also know why my gym was so crowded last night).

But for the bigger picture, people make “predictions”…and most of them end up being as valid as their resolutions.

There’s a reason for that. And a cure. Keep reading.

The predilection for prognostication (now there’s a term!) is quite endearing; in fact, I’m currently building quite a business based on humans being hardwired to try and see tomorrow today. (It’s called Play The Future; learn more by clicking here.)

Ironically, said business was initially spawned back in the ‘80s at just about this time of year when I was doing a grocery order for my wife and six-week-old son at home. Waiting in the checkout line, I picked up the annual National Enquirer “Prediction Issue,” and was regaled by the foretelling of events like “Elvis To Reappear for Concert at Carnegie Hall” and “Alien Will Land on the White House Lawn” (perhaps they were really prescient with that one).

Who ever checks up on these?” I thought to myself. “Is there a ‘Prediction Result Issue’?

Well, there wasn’t, but perhaps the National Enquirer folks were onto something with their hallucinogenic moonshot thinking. Think about it–this time last year, if I were to tell you that Britain would leave the European Union, that reality TV “star” Donald Trump would be elected President, and that the stock market would embark on an extended rally upon the news…well, you would’ve have me locked up for treason, if not madness.

Yet here we are, living today what was unthinkable just a few months ago.

So therein lies the secret of better, perhaps I should even say “great,” predictions: go out on a limb, and then jump even higher to the one slightly out of reach above you. You may fall on your ass, but when you’re right, the win is, shall we say, Yuge.

The problem is in taking that leap. It’s easier to survey people and forecast on an average of their opinions…yet we all saw the results of that last year. Predicting by polling is now about as relevant as a Fax machine. I carry with a reminder of this on me every day; it’s pictured above, a sheet from a survey done by the (now defunct) Yankee Group.

In it, back in 2001, they polled consumers about willingness to pay for mobile data. The figure of “$20” got a wafer-thin less-than-1% support. The big winner was “nothing,” with a whopping 70%. It was this sheet, and these stats, which were used by nay-sayers to tell me why my business at the time–the two-year old Airborne Mobile–would fail. “Look at the survey; nobody will pay for mobile content,” they sneered.

Cut to today, where people WISH they could pay $20 per month for their mobile data, a commodity now as valuable as oxygen. More importantly, cut to 2005, when we sold Airborne Mobile to a Japanese company for well over $100 million. Thanks Yankee group!

The lesson here is don’t listen to what is, or what the aggregate think; dream what can’t possibly be…even if that dream has a bit of nightmare in it.

So when you make your 2017 predictions, take the path of the unrealistic, because as strange as it may look today, it’s the best path to tomorrow’s reality.


Le gala des Golden Globes.

C’est un peu comme les Oscars et les Emmys, mais avec de l’alcool qui coule à flots.

Ce qu’on adore du gala des Golden Globes animé par l’imprévisible Jimmy Fallon? C’est LE party annuel du show-biz où chacun se laisse aller et où les langues se délient… la recette parfaite pour un tournoi de Play The Future.

Alors préparez vos drinks et aiguisez-vous le cerveau pour le tournoi des Golden Globes de PTF, parce que vous, comme les vedettes, voudrez gagner des prix!

Et quels prix! Qui a besoin d’une statuette en métal qui ne fait que ramasser la poussière? Les prix de PTF sont beaucoup plus utiles! Le meilleur futuriste du tournoi gagnera une tablette, et les quatre suivants remporteront une carte-cadeau de 20 $ pour acheter des articles en lien avec les vedettes, les émissions et les films vus aux Golden Globes!

Et que dire des questions! Elles ne viseront pas seulement les gagnants et les perdants des Golden Globes! Oh non! PTF, comme toujours, sortira des sentiers battus avec des questions comme «Combien de voix de célébrités Jimmy Fallon imitera-t-il?» ou «Combien de gagnants auront un discours si long qu’ils se feront mettre à la porte par l’orchestre?». Il y aura même des résultats en direct pour que vous puissiez trinquer à vos dons de voyance en même temps que les autres gagnants de la soirée.

Le dimanche 8 janvier, c’est le tournoi des Golden Globes de PTF. Plein de catégories. Des heures de réflexion. Des milliers de futuristes en action. Cinq gagnants. Une soirée inoubliable.


The Golden Globe Awards.

Think of them of a precursor mash-up of the Oscars and the Emmys, but with free-flowing booze.

What’s more, driven by mischievous, “what-will-he-do-next?” MC Jimmy Fallon, the Golden Globes is the annual showbiz bash where guards are let down and words are let loose…thus, a perfect recipe for the next Play The Future tournament.

So, line up your drinks and sharpen your brain for the PTF Golden Globes Tournament, where you–like the stars–will be competing for prizes.

And what prizes! Who needs some glittery piece of metal that will just gather dust? PTF’s prizes are way more practical! Top futurist in this tourney will take home a tablet, while the next four runners-up pocket a $20 gift card so that they can purchase merch featuring the stars, shows and films they are making predictions on!

And what predictions! Not just the winners and losers of the countless Golden Globe categories, but patented PTF “out of left field” questions like “How many celebrity voices will Jimmy Fallon impersonate?” or “How many winners will go long on their speeches and have to be played off by the orchestra?” Live results too, so you can toast your future-telling brilliance alongside the other winners.

Sunday, January 8–PTF’s Golden Globes Tournament. Dozens of diverse award categories. Head-expanding predictions. Thousands of futurists playing. Five winners. That’s one unforgettable night!