Why Does The Emmy Tournament Usher in a New Era at PTF?

1) Because you can now play multiple choice
2) Because you can get points even if you’re wrong
3) Because we’ve made our game more fun
4) Because you can win an expensive smart TV

It doesn’t matter what you answered, because the correct result is “All of the above.”

The big, big news here at PTF is that we’ve opened up our game to include a new, but very familiar, way to make predictions: Multiple Choice.

But the PTF way is a little different (what a surprise!). Like in all other multiple choice, you have to choose the most likely correct answer; get it right on and you win maximum points. However, even if your first choice isn’t ultimately correct, you can still win points depending on where you put the actual right answer.

It’s easy; just look at & click the screenshots below:


Out of six PTF employees, if you believe that Marise will win a 2km flip flop footrace, put her first. If she actually does win, you get 400 points. But if Junaid wins, and you placed him in 3rd, you still take home 150 points. If Van wins, well…you’re out of luck. So order your multiple choices carefully!

Perhaps the best part of this new PTF innovation is the user experience; use your finger to slide your choices up and down with a playful pop, and lock them into position with a satisfying click.

Multiple Choice comes to Play The Future. We predict you’ll:

1) Love it
2) Enjoy it
3) Play it
4) Share it