Everybody Plays The Fool!


It’s way more than a 1972 hit by The Main Ingredient; it’s the theme and the catch-phrase for the next cross-Canada, all-in Tournament from Play The Future, taking place on Friday, April 1st.

But no fool are you; you know that like in our previous tournament–the wild UFT15–this one will offer you fun, intrigue, bragging rights, and of course, a cash prize! (Yes, another cash prize from the most generous app developer on the planet…)

However, this time it’s different, and way easier. Just one major question and one major winner. And to make things interesting, you won’t know the rules, or how to win, until you play.

We can’t tell you a whole lot more; given the special nature of the day, there’s some major surprisin’ to do. But suffice to say that this is a tournament like no other, and you’d have to be a fool NOT to play!

April 1st. Play The Future presents “Everybody Plays The Fool.”

Only a doofus would miss it!

UFT–The Ultimate FEELGOOD Tournament! In The End, Everybody Won!

UFT15–The Ultimate Future Tournament. We called it “The Soothsaying Smackdown of the Century,” a “Winner-Take-All Battle of Blazing Brains and Crystal Balls”…

…but when all the dust settled, when all answers were in, it turned out to be an upbeat gathering of sweet, positive do-gooders.

Perhaps UFT stood for Ultimate Feelgood Tournament, because the end result was a neck-and-neck race between two of our most cheerful psychic participants, namely Deborah Louise Levin and the trio of Space Kissa. Less than 0.075% separated the two, but Space Kissa pulled it out on the last question outcome for an astonishing overall accuracy rate of 87.715% and a hefty $15,000 donation to the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation.

So…who says psychics CAN’T predict the future? 😉

While 15 professional predictors battled it out, they were joined by thousands of regular players across the country, playing alongside on each of the day’s 15 special questions (making it our strongest day ever to date). And as we watched the lead changed hands dozens of times throughout the day, when we compiled points, Play The Future veteran Stephanie Monk emerged arms raised atop the pile with a whopping one-day score of 4,959!

So…how about the Ultimate Ultimate Battle–Kissa meets Monk?

Uh, maybe next year.

Until then though, the PTF team has a number of different tricks up its sleeve, the first being a truly special flash tournament on April 1.

Look out for more details on that…and for news on further unique events that will bring more competition, more bragging rights and more prizes to players of the world’s favourite game about tomorrow.

We predict…there’s a whole lot more fun in your futures!

UFT15 is Tomorrow! Let’s Meet Our Fearless Psychic Futurists

The Ultimate Future Tournament is TOMORROW! Get your brains and crystal balls ready!

If you’re new here, UFT15 is a one-day prediction championship for people who earn their living by forecasting today what will happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, these 15 Fearless Futurists will predict 15 precise predictions in 15 short hours. When all the results are tallied, the one Futurist with the highest overall accuracy score will pocket $25,000; $15,000 to the charity of their choice and $10,000 for them to keep!

As if that wasn’t already awesome enough, we want you to play along! Play on the mobile app and the player with the most points for the day could win $1,500!

So now that YOU’RE ready, what about our Fearless Futurists? We asked four of our illustrious Psychic participants to let us in on how they’re prepping for the big day.

Fearless Psychic Futurists 
Joyce Barnes: Psychic, medium, and spiritual energy healer playing for the Performing Arts Lodge.Space Kissa: Cosmic faux band playing in support of St. Michael’s Hospital.
Deborah Louise Levin: Psychic communicator supporting “Project Jessie” at the Animal Alliance of Canada.Tara Greene: Psychic astrologer playing for Greenpeace Canada and Because I am a girl.

March 15 is right around the corner! How are you preparing for the big day?
Joyce Barnes: Playing The Future every day!
Space Kissa: A whole lotta time traveling.
Deborah Louise Levin: Lots of quiet time.
Tara Greene: I am meditating on winning.

Can you take us through your process of seeing the future…or at least as much as you’re willing to reveal? 😉
Joyce Barnes: Easy! I meditate and ask the Angels or whoever from the other side wishes to help me. They are all welcome.
Space Kissa: We find living in it helpful.
Deborah Louise Levin: It’s just like painting a picture. Add a bit of colour, and then stand back to see if it looks good.
Tara Greene: I use different methods. It is just trusting a feeling, a sense or a voice.

What types of questions do you think you’ll excel at and why? i.e. Commerce, YouTube, Trending News, Sports, etc.
Joyce Barnes: This question is irrelevant since the Angels are working for me.
Space Kissa: We hope there are a lot of cat questions. Why? It is our area of expertise, and we can mind meld with them.
Deborah Louise Levin: I think they are all fair game.
Tara Greene: It doesn’t matter what the subject is.

Why did you choose the particular charity that you are playing for?
Joyce Barnes: I live at the Performing Arts Lodge, and do a lot of work for the residents there. This charity is very close to my heart, because not only do I live at PAL, but my husband and my children were all in the performing arts. You don’t need to be a resident to get help from us, the Lodge is for all of Toronto’s performing artists, and we are always in need of financial support.
Space Kissa: St. Michael’s Hospital – They’ve got good healing.
Deborah Louise Levin: The Animal Alliance of Canada is a charity that I have personally donated to for a long time. I discovered the cause when I was interested in adopting a cat.
Tara Greene: I chose “Because I am a girl” because I am a feminist and believe in supporting women’s rights. I also chose Greenpeace because of their environmental and animal activism.

Any final fighting words/trash talk for your opponents?
Joyce Barnes: I don’t know what you’re all doing in this game – there is no way you can beat the ANGELS!
Space Kissa: To our illustrious opponents… you’re going down! (P.S. You are all very good looking – but that’s not going to help you.)
Deborah Louise Levin: My spirit guide is going to kick your spirit guide’s ass!
Tara Greene: Any good witch knows that you always wish your opponents well. Any bad wishes, intentions, and fighting words will only come back to the one who sends them.

On that note, we wish them all well tomorrow, and we predict you’re going to want to play along! 😉

For more deets, check out www.www.playthefuture.com/uft15

Don’t Just Play The Future… Play UFT15–The Ultimate Future Tournament On Tuesday, March 15

So what do you do when you want to call attention to your rapidly-growing, buzz-inducing prediction app?

You get inspired by the world of sports, you get further inspired by the friendly competition and trash-talk you see in said app, and you come up with a decisive championship tournament.

But what’s great about the result of this inspiration–Play The Future’s Ultimate Future Tournament (UFT15 for short) on Tuesday, March 15–is that it’s actually two tournaments in one.

On one hand, UFT15 pits 15 people who make their living forecasting today what will happen tomorrow against each other in a one-day, winner-take-all, fortune-telling brawl of blazing brains and crystal balls.  These 15 are all-stars in their fields; from high-powered venture capitalists, pollsters and academics to the less corporate but way more mystic card readers, psychics and astrologists.  And they mean business, because when the day is done, the overall winner takes home a whopping $25,000; $15,000 of which goes directly to the charity of their choice.

On the other hand, UFT15 is also open to the Play The Future player community at large…that’s you guys!  Nothing changes, just play along as usual…although we suspect you may be a little more careful, as the day’s top point-getter on March 15 wins $1,500!

UFT15–one day, 15 questions in 15 hours.  If this goes well, which we believe it will, there will be many more such special events from Play The Future.

Nonetheless, we’re calling this the Soothsaying Smackdown of the Century; one in which you can root for your favorite prediction superstar…AND become one yourself at the same time!

Loads more details on the UFT15 website, this video and this press release.

So, what are YOU doing March 15?  We predict…you’ll be predicting!